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Manifesting your dream home, one step at a time, Soberly and proudly as a lesbian Realtor

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LGTBQ+ family , life coach and her children


Are You Ready For a Change?

My name is Dinny and my life is  about all things Sales and Sobriety. 

I was put on this planet to help others change their lives and throughout  my own I found the most sustainable way to do this was using the primary principles found in quantum physics.The method uses high vibratory frequencies in your natural nervous system to attract  success into your life. Yes, we are talking about Manifesting, but it is a lot less woo woo than the latest TikTok trend would have you believe  and is actually a heavily researched and proven method used for centuries to create a healthier wealthier lifestyle for those who are serious about it . 

Many people have jumped on the train powered by the law of attraction but few have failed to find a destination. I believe this is because those people were looking  for fast wealth  and shiny objects and when your energy is focused on things you have no emotional connection to, you will never find happiness. 

For me, I  am mostly grounded when I am involved in the creation of other peoples happiness, which  first had to come from within. The basic foundation of this universal law is that we attract like for like, so for all the things you want to receive on this journey  with me, are you ready to make it all about you and do the work to remove the things you do not want more of? 

This is how I became the sober manifestor. For all the things I thought i wanted, none was great than the freedom I needed from myself. 

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Upcoming Events

  • The R Word :
    Time is TBD
    The Family Business Center
    Time is TBD
    The Family Business Center, 2326 Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401, USA
    Welcome to your monthly success retreat. Each class I will coach you through the importance of specificity and how to create more focus in your daily tasks.
  • The S Word
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    The S is for Success. For one night only, The Sober Manifestor walks you through the moments in her life that she only visits so we can all learn lessons from it. She definitely learned hers, the former alcoholic that married a man who she met in a gay bar shows you how she turned it all around.



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