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Sobriety is for everyone.

Let’s be brutally honest with each other ok? the only reason you’re reading this is that something in the title resonated with you and whether you say it out loud or just to yourself, you have lost control and nothing you have tried to gain it back with has worked.

I have spent so many years where you are right now, I have tried everything, read every blog, bought every magic pill , meditated, prayed, went to AA, tricked myself and forced myself and even asked my friends to fund a challenge in which I wouldn’t drink for one whole year because I was sure that was the key to my accountability. That failure hurt the most.

We are not beginners in this game called life and It is time you stopped focusing on the things you consistently beat yourself up for and start to focus on the things that no on in this world could ever do better than you because you’re born to do it. If you are sitting in your seat right now, feeling frustrated because it seems like there is nothing in this life you are any good at, then you are specially meant to be here because your vision is so clouded with negativity it is literally blocking the parts of you that will make you free, keeping you in this prison that you live in inside of in your own mind.

Thats about as much time as we are going to spend on the negative parts of our personalities. You know you better than I do and for me to sit here and list all the things about you that I know you feel, would not be good for either one of us. I got myself out of that reactive pattern of behavior and I can’t go back there, are you ready to leave it too?

Addiction can happen really quickly , but your experiences has taught you that to be a better , healthier version of yourself you have to work hard, be consistent and have will power.

BULL SHIT. You are consistent , just consistently scared of everything. Will Power? Its a myth! and not because “ If you want something hard enough you would do anything” because no you wouldn’t or else addiction wouldn’t be a problem would it. You want it, you will it to happen every morning when you walk up full of shame and regret, every second sip of wine that you swore you wouldn’t drink. Every cancelled social event or missed girls night out.

The anxiety was a problem long before the drink was, it started with a small glass to take the edge off and give me strength because I had forgotten what it was like to feel normal , to not feel like I would lose my actual mind and someone would notice, send me to some psych ward and I would never see my kids again. A quick shot at home before the walk to the bus stop, to give me courage to walk through the pub that was full of people I didn’t know. Pretty soon ten years had passed and I was in a country I wasn’t born in, in a marriage that wasn’t working and even with my ‘medication’ I had put myself in a serious state of agoraphobia and I didn’t to want to wake up every morning and still , even though I wanted it more than anything, I couldn’t find freedom.

So what changed? How did I find sobriety ? Well luckily for all of us I had spent the few years previous to my change studying the quantum physics behind the laws of the universe. Books like “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto and “You are the Universe” a collaboration between Deepak Chopra and Menas C Kafatos led me down the rabbit hole to even more books like those by Napoleon Hill and even Denise Duffield Thomas were they heavily focused on manifesting an abundance of wealth which I must admit I got totally swept up in and really good at. Even as you read this my practice of manifesting with my source energy has gotten so good I have gotten myself out of $50k of debt, bought a new home and found the love of my life who recently asked me to marry her, but we’re not here to get rich….yet.We are here to handle the foundations of ourselves on which we can build upon and for that we need to remove the parts of us that that no longer serve us.

I have always loved that saying, “if it doesn’t serve you let it go”. Just the word serve peaks my interest. Growing up in the catholic church that simple word is used often. You are taught that when you live your life to serve others everything you will ever need will be yours as a reward, subsequently as I grew up and into the sales industry I can attest that this is true. If you chase the money you will always be disappointed but to make each decision based on the the outcome of helping someone else then money will find you. Service over sales.

When was the last time you made a decision for you based on what is good for you in the long run vs what will bring you short term value? When are you going to invest in your future ? How long can you survive dampening the flame before the fire takes over one last time and leaves you in a place you may never recover from?

The time is now, Let me serve to you the things you need to build a life that you haven’t even thought about. The one you dream of now is nothing compared to one you will concoct with a healthy mind and clear perspective. Are you ready?

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